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We have a passion for surfing and a love for teaching! Layback offers some of the best surf lessons on the South coast of Sri Lanka. In view thereof we ensure you will have an amazing surf experience. We offer lessons and guiding for all levels so no matter if you’ve never surfed before or looking to catch your first barrel, we got you covered! We’ve also put together some tips & tricks on where to surf, surf etiquettes and many more interesting reads!

surf lessons in sri lanka

level 1 - beginner

The level 1 class has been designed for those who have never surfed before, or tried only a few times. We focus on the fundamentals of surfing, including safety and oceanology. What we avoid, is simply pushing you into waves. We will help you read the waves, so you can catch them yourself! Before heading into the water we will go over ocean safely, surf rules and pop-up techniques first. It is important to have a fun time, but safety in surfing is just as important. When we feel you’re ready, we hit the water and the fun of catching your first wave begins! The level 1 classes take place in the white water.


Level 2 - intermediate

Level 2 surfers can comfortably pop-up and are on the quest to catch that unbroken wave (aka green wave). In this class we’ll teach you how to get to the so-called lineup safely and efficiently and how to catch green waves. We will also go over the rules you need to know in order to behave in the water correctly. Read more about the surf etiquette here. If you’re already able to catch waves by yourself, we will have a look at your turns and how you move your body. In general; these classes are all about improving your overall surfing skills! 

surf lessons in weligama
srilanka surf camp

surf guiding

We developed these surf tours for intermediate and experienced surfers. We’ll take you and show you different spots. The selected break depend on your level and style of surfing.

As you know by now, various spots ‘work’ during different conditions, we will guide you to the waves when they work the best. We also inform you on hazards, entry points and where to leave the water. For those who wish, we can also guide you in the water. Assisting you in picking the best wave of a set, where to position and how to ride that specific wave.

Especially for you, we’ve put together a guide of the different surf spots in Weligama area. So go out, and explore! But please remember to be safe.



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