Dreamy Beaches on the South Coast of Sri Lanka

dalawella beach unawatuna

The southern coastline of Sri Lanka is such a divine place if you love beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous blue water. Here we list some of our favourite spots, all within driving distance from Weligama Bay.

Weligama Bay Beach

“Our” beach is over 2 km long and is a favourite place for surfers beginning to learn. All along the beach you’ll find different surf schools, fishermen and fishing boats. At Fish Point you can get your fish as fresh as it gets and enjoy it cooked however you wish just by the sea. The long distance of the beach also makes it a favourite spot for runners in the morning or afternoon.


Nestled in between Weligama and Midigama is Gurubebila…It is a beautiful beach and one of our favourite places to watch the sunset and the surfers soaking up the last minutes of light. If you wish to swim there is a small lagoon just by the fallen palm tree.


A ten minute tuk tuk ride from Weligama. A small sandy and often not so crowded beach. Watch the surfers out on the Lazy Left or Lazy Right, chill on a sunbed or have a coconut.

Kabalana Beach

A big open beach that is surrounded by a couple of beach restaurants and places to rent sunbeds. But the beach is so big that it feels quiet. The currents can be very strong, so watch out if you are going for a swim. On the other hand, there is a very fun shore break for those who loves to dive and play in small waves!


One of the more developed tourist destinations in the south. It is a very good beach if you want to do an activity, like if you wish to go and snorkel or dive.


Have you seen those Instagram pictures of a beach in the sunset, and a palm tree with a big swing? Dalawella is a favourite spot for Instagram pictures – but it has it’s reasons. The beach is small but beautiful. A favourite of ours compared to the more crowded Unawatuna.


Mirissa Beach is very popular as the village itself. There are two surf spots close to the beach and you can go snorkel around the big rock. The water is very calm and perfect for swimming. During the evening all the beach restaurants gets busy with people going for drinks or dinner. Later during the night, places like Salt get their party groove on. If you want to go out in when in Weligama – Mirissa Beach is the place to be!

Secret Beach, Mirissa

What used to be a hidden gem is not so secret any more. The secret beach is a small and beautiful little beach that is a bit hard to get to. But you will know when you are on the right track because there are several signs pointing out the way to the Secret Beach.  


Not as crowded as Mirissa, and definitely worth a visit. It is also just in front of the Doctors House, a popular restaurant and hostel that have music nights, and Saturday markets with local designers and products.


This horseshoe shaped bay was a jungle a couple of years ago. Nowadays it’s getting more and more developed with several hotels, hostels and restaurants that are both locally owned and owned and run by people from outside of Sri Lanka. Hiriketya is a quiet place – perfect if you wish to zone out for a day or two. The surf in the bay is also good for beginners and intermediates.

Silent Beach

One of our absolute favourites. Still quite a hidden gem as it is hard to find. Silent Beach is big and often very empty. If you are lucky the shore breaks is big and you can dive into big and powerful waves (an activity for everyone that knows very well how to swim though). Let us know if you want to visit and we will guide you there!

weligama beach
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hirikietiya beach

Photos by Ronks Michael, Julien Mavier & Oscar Stubbs

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By Maria Lundin Osvalds

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