A visit to the market

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The colours and the sweet smell of mango and papaya are intoxicating. All around us is bustling of people doing their weekly shopping of fruits and veggies. It is Tuesday morning – market day in Weligama! 

The market is big and located just a couple of minutes walk from Layback. Mainly locals, it is a hidden gem for the visitor. Here you can find every fruit and veggie that is in season, as well as grains, dried fish, fast food…You often get to try some bits of the fruits if you are a bit insecure about how it tastes.  

People are talking – discussing what to buy and how much with the vendors. And at the stalls all around us stands the vendors saying things like “50 rupees – everything 50 rupees”, “papaya, do you want papaya?”.

If you say no or just smile and say no thank you, there is nothing more to it. The place is charmingly busy but never too crowded or too much hustle.  

A visit to the local market is well worth its time. You will come away with a big bag of fresh fruits and veggies to a much lower price than the regular shops around Weligama. The market takes place during Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Photos by Oscar Stubbs

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By Maria Lundin Osvalds

I’m Maria, a 28-year old freelance journalist, photographer, and content creator from Sweden currently living in Cornwall, UK. I cover stories about socio- and economical issues and have worked from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, UK, and Sweden.

I recently spent three months in Sri Lanka and ended up staying a month at Layback, working (and surfing…) with an awesome team. Thilina’s idea to create a boutique hostel as well as digital visual exploration of the Sri Lankan culture inspired me, and I’m happy to have been part of the project as a contributing writer.

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